New Water Project Completed

New Water Tank being installed on Chapman Road

The Town of Montezuma’s water system began being installed in the 1970’s. The system is is very outdated, and costs for maintenance requiring more frequent repairs were increasing.

A new waterline has been completed through a joint inter-municipal contract required by the State to receive funding for the project with the Town of Mentz and the Village of Port Byron. The new line was completed in October 2016, and now bypasses the NYS Thruway corridor. The Town of Mentz has picked up some new additional customers. Private lines in Montezuma have been upgraded, new valves installed where needed, and a new water tank has been installed. While this may seem costly to the water district residents, the benefits will be less interruption of service, the water quality should improve, and a significant savings in costly repairs can be realized.

If you have any questions, please come to the Town Board meetings, or call the office at 315-776-8844, and ask to speak with someone from the Board or Water Committee about the project.

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