Montezuma Fire Department


Fire Department meetings are the 1st Monday at 7:30 PM. Anyone who might be interested in joining should stop by the firehouse any Monday night and speak with either Chief Ken Zimmerman or President Steve Thurston.

Reflectors may be ordered on the form  HERE. You may also contact any member; call the firehouse at 776-4353 and leave a message; or pick up a flyer at the Town Clerk’s office.

Fire District Commissioner Meetings are:

2nd Wednesday at 7:00 pm (Effective March 2016)

Department President / Commissioner Chairman Steve Thurston reminds everyone that both of these meetings are open to the public and all are welcome.


March 16 through May 14, 2016

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) reminds New Yorker’s that residential brush burning in towns with less than 20,000 residents is prohibited during the above dates.

The department is planning a meat raffle in December. Watch for more details in next month’s Town E-Newsleter



  1. Hi I would like to order another reflective address marker
    A vertical one ! I can’t print the form!

    8515 East Loop,


    1. Mel, the webpage has been updated. You should be able to download the form now. If not, call the Fire Department at 776-4353 and leave a message to order one.


  2. Hi Cheryl. The fire commissioners meetings have been changed to the 2nd Wednesday’s of the month @7pm. (The board changed it effective In March)


    1. Thanks for letting me know!


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