Code Enforcement Officer: J. Patrick Doyle

  • Office Location: Town Hall, 8102 Dock Street, Montezuma
  • Office Hours: Tuesday afternoons at 4 – 6 PM  (call for appointment)
  • Office Phone: 315-776-8844 Extension 6
  • Cell Phone: 315-729-3921
  • Fax: 315-776-9943
  • Email: jpdoyleiii@hotmail.com

Town of Montezuma Zoning Map (download pdf map here)

Any construction, demolition, modifications to an existing structure may require a permit. Please contact the Code Enforcement Officer to discuss your project to determine if a permit is required. Any subdivision, meaning any lot line changes must go through the Planning Board prior to making changes.

Please call to discuss your plans with the Zoning Officer for assistance in planning your improvements or lot modifications and prior to scheduling subdivision reviews with the Planning Board.

Building/Zoning Permits:

  • Application Fee Schedule -Download here
  • Application must be complete with all supporting documentation before review process begins.
  • Work covered by Application shall not commence prior to the issuance of a PERMIT.
  • PERMIT shall be valid for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of issuance.
  • Construction under the PERMIT must be substantially complete within twelve (2) months or an extension must be obtained from the Code Enforcement Officer.
  • A NOTICE OF PERMIT (issued by the Town) must be kept on the premises, publicly visible from the street, throughout the progress of work.
  • Application must be submitted to the Montezuma Town Clerk with appropriate fee before directed to Code Enforcement (building permits), Planning Board (subdivision applications, site plan review) or Zoning Board of Appeals (area or use variances).
  • Building/Zoning Application Permit – Download here.
  • It is the responsibility of the owner or authorized agent to notify the Code Enforcement Officer when the project is completed in order to obtain a CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY.
  • NEW! NEW YORK STATE UNIFIED SOLAR PERMIT – Montezuma residents looking to install solar panels on their homes can reduce their costs through New York State’s new Unified Solar Permit now available through the Town Code Enforcement Officer. Download the application here.


  • A complaint or violation may be filled out and filed with the Town Clerk or mailed to: J. Patrick Doyle. Download pdf form here.

  Zoning Board of Appeals

The Town of Montezuma is currently accepting applications for ZBA members. If you are interested, please contact the Town Clerk at 315.776.8844.

Current Members are:

  • Gerry Helmer, Acting Chair
  • Wanda Jakaub
  • Patty Lyke

ZBA Application – Download here.

You may have questions, like:

  1. Why might I consider an appeal to the Zoning Board of Appeals?
  2. How is the appeals process initiated?
  3. Under what circumstances may an appeal be made to the Zoning Board?
  4. What decisions or actions may be appealed?

These questions and much more are addressed in a NYS Department of State, “Guidelines for Applicants to the Zoning Board of Appeals.” Download these guidelines here.




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