Water District

Town and Water Clerk, June Smith

  • Email: montezumaclerk@tds.net
  • Contact: Phone: (315) 776-8844
  • Hours: Monday – Wednesday, 9 AM – 3 PM
  • Contact regarding any questions with regard to billing

Town Water Emergency Numbers: If you have a water emergency, please call the following:

  • Water Operator: Stan Longyear — 315-406-6572 (cell);  315-776-4656 (home);  if not available, call:
  • Highway Superintendent: Dustin Roach — 315-776-4315 (Highway Garage); 607-221-2208 (cell)
  • Town Supervisor: John Malenick — 315-729-6611 (cell)
  • Water Clerk: June Smith — 315-776-8844 (Town Hall during regular office hours); 315-252-3830 (home);  315-406-1831 (cell)

Cayuga County Health Department Information: Blue-green algae blooms have been common in recent years during the latter half of the summer on lakes within Cayuga County. The Town of Montezuma works closely with the Cayuga County Health Department to keep informed of conditions in the water supply. The County’s website has additional information and updates for public water users at:  http://www.cayugacounty.us/Community/Health/Environmental-Health/Blue-Green-Algae

Public Water Emergency Alerts:

  • Public water users may register your cell phones to receive reverse 911 messages for incidents of unsafe water conditions. The Citizen, television and radio stations will also alert users of emergency conditions. Register your cell phone at:  http://www.cayugacounty.us/Departments/911

  • Emergency Supply: Make sure you have one gallon of clean water per person per day for 3 days. Allow more water for those who are disabled, pregnant or if you have pets. For more information on Emergency Preparedness, please visit: www.cayugacounty.us/health
  • Download the 2016 Drinking Water Quality Report

waterApplication: Every person desiring a water supply through the principal water main must submit an application at the office of the Town Clerk. Application may be picked up at Clerk’s office or download a copy here.

Turn On/Off Requests: A Request Form to turn water off/on may be downloaded here. Please note: It is required that there be someone on site when water is turned on or off.

Water Ordinance: Rules and regulations regarding the usage of public water may be downloaded here.

Billing Information:

  • Meter Readings: read quarterly: March, June, September and December
  • Rate: $10.55 per thousand gallons with a minimum of 10,000 gallons effective October 1, 2016.
  • Payments due: 30 days from billing date; 10% penalty added to bill after thirty (30) days
  • Water bills not paid after 90 days, water will be shut off
  • Payable to: by check or money order only: Montezuma Water District #1,
  • Payment may be made:  in person during scheduled Town/Water Clerk hours or mailed to: Montezuma Water Department,  8102 Dock Street, Montezuma, NY 13117
  • Turn off Fee: $25
  • Turn on Fee: $25

Town Water Committee:

  • Tom Fitzsimmons, Chair & Town Board Member
  • Joel Glimpse, Town Board Member
  • Stan Longyear, Water Operator
  • June Smith, Clerk


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