Town of Montezuma Comprehensive Plan

Town of Montezuma Adopts Comprehensive Plan

October 27, 2016

A Copy of the Comprehensive Plan is located here!!!


The Town’s Vision as adopted in the Plan….

“The Town of Montezuma strives to preserve its rural character, cultural and historic assets, and agricultural and natural resources while encouraging economic growth and an expansion of services to meet the needs of the community.”


The Comprehensive Plan has been completed for the Town of Montezuma which is a new document that shares a vision and the unique characteristics of our community. Members of the Montezuma Comprehensive Planning Committee (CPC) met on a regular basis beginning in September 2014 to discuss the content and format of the Plan. The Central New York Regional Planning & Development Board (CNY RPDB) provided program planning, writing, and mapping assistance and worked closely with the Committee to ensure that the plan remains a local level initiative.

Through in-depth study, analysis, and community participation, the Comprehensive Plan provides a sound basis for guiding future growth, development, and community preservation. Community input from survey taken and the CPC played an important role in the development of the Comprehensive Plan by directly informing a series of clearly defined goals and recommended actions for the town to pursue. Any future land use or zoning regulations must be consistent with the findings and recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan.
What’s next?
Short Term Goals:
  • Create a Map of Potential Conservation Lands as a first step in facilitating conservation subdivision design
  • Investigate options for expanding high-speed internet throughout the town
  • Work with the state to connect the Erie Canal Traiway from Port Byron to Lyons passing through the Town of Montezuma
Long-term recommendations:
  • Update zoning to incorporate conservation subdivision principles
  • Encourage light industrial development at the Archer Daniels Midland site
  • Work to build a stronger sense of place in the community

Thank you from the Montezuma Comprehensive Planning for community support in completing the Plan!

Comprehensive Committee members:

John Malenick – Supervisor, Town of Montezuma
Joe Verdi – Planning Board Chair
Barbara Culotti – Planning Board Member
Marian Ellinwood – Planning Board Member
John Fordyce – Planning Board
Cheryl Longyear – Planning Board, Clerk, Town Historian
Donald Ellinwood – Town Resident
Carol Fordyce – Town Resident
Amanda Mazzoni & Jeanie Gleisner – CNY RPD





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